Hi, dude. I'm Dasha's thief. Do u wanna save her? If so, u must win me in my fav games and solve some my problems. To get some points u should submit ur RIGHT game hash (if you win without cheating you will get the RIGHT game hash) or the flag to the ctfboard.

It is NOT necessary to use dirb/dirbuster or other scanners to get flags or hashes;)

Летс плей в Пандору. Good luck!



Oh! I was extremely excited when saw her, so I wrote an oda to Dasha. There is some message to her. U can never read it!!1!

Dig A Tunnel

mmm, tunnel expansion... If you want to stop me from doing this, read the correspondence through another tunnel.

Balls (&Bricks)

Play with balls! Now there are some bricks. After this task Dasha'll cut me 1 ball, so u have only 1 ball)))


Check ur MEM-OR-y! If u are not 16-bit PC, it will be trivial;) Now u have 4 balls lives l0l. But it won't help u. You will get the right flag, if win the game.

I give some drug to Dasha. To safe her, u should choose the right dose.

nc tcp.vpando.ru 53762